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Services, features: what's new in 2021 on Fluicity

  • Thursday, January 7, 2021

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    2021, the year of reconstruction? Above all, consultation! In the face of crises, "the most innovative, legitimate and sustainable decisions" are made through collective dialogue. And organizing this dialogue cannot be improvised.

    Fluicity is here to guide you in your projects and your participative approaches. Training, new support services, new features: get ready to take action!

    More complete support services

    How to orchestrate participative processes? How to bring intelligence, meaning and action resources to the table (physically or virtually)? How do we arrive at collective solutions?

    If the tool is necessary, training and support for elected officials and decision-makers are just as essential to the success of citizen participation. In 2021, our services will be enhanced to help you better understand and master the art of consultation.


    • Digital consultation training,** to calmly organize your online process and acquire the methodological keys,
    • Citizen mobilization training,** to engage the population over the long term and create a participatory dynamic,
    • Vision and governance workshop** to align teams and propose effective governance.

    Premium services

    • Communication management by Fluicity**, to supervise all your communication campaigns, optimize the ROI and reach representative strata of the population
    • Enhanced support service** by a dedicated Fluicity consultant, to help you reach your objectives more easily,
    • Customized consultation service:** Editorial design, online publishing and management of your consultations so that they maximize participation and collect actionable data.
    • and much more...

    But also interviews, webinars, articles on our blog to keep you inspired!

    PUblication "Voices of Democracy" by Fluicity

    Discover our latest publication "Voices of Democracy", 6 powerful interviews to decipher participatory democracy.

    Features, interface: what's new on the online platform

    We heard you! At Fluicity, we always listen carefully to our users' needs and recommendations.

    Here are the key changes we have in store for you in 2021.

    • The participatory budget is in the spotlight!

    It has been exploding all over Europe for the last 5 years: the participatory budget is one of the most popular consultation tools for municipalities. Fluicity dedicates a dedicated functionality to meet all the human and organizational challenges of this approach: project management, programming of the different stages, coordination between departments, education and communication with citizens... Everything is designed to simplify your life.

    A simple path to create your participatory budget on the platform :

    A simple path to create a participatory budget on the Fluicity platform](Capture-de_cran-2021-01-05-a_-15.48.43.png)

    A unique dashboard to track all citizen ideas:

    An individual and complete view of each citizen's idea so you don't miss any information :

    And much more... For a more complete presentation of the functionality, download our white paper "Participatory budget, instructions for use ".

    Download the white paper

    • For your large-scale projects, opt for the "Participatory Project "**.

    Are you wondering how to build the territories of tomorrow with the citizens? How to set up a participatory dynamic on the long term? With our "participative project" feature, it's easy!

    Create and federate several citizen consultations (surveys, calls for ideas, challenges...) around a structural project: recovery plan, regional planning and ecological transition project, long-term public policy, etc.

    The platform allows you to navigate easily between your projects and to offer increased visibility to citizens.

    • A new look for the citizens' reception area**.

    On Fluicity, each community has its own participation space. The first page, or home space, is crucial to engage citizens from the very first minutes. That's why we take special care of this first impression.

    Clearer, more intuitive, this new homepage has several changes to make it easier to navigate and engage.

    Discover it here and very soon on your Fluicity space ;-)

    And that's not all: we still have new features in store for you on the platform's administrator interface, on the inquiry feature, on the security of consultations...

    Stay tuned! To learn more about our offer and to receive a personalized quote, please contact us