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Focus - Call for Proposals

Consult citizens with a call for proposals

The Fluicity platform allows you to easily collect and analyze proposals made by citizens on a chosen theme. Benefit from our support and the Call for Proposals feature to engage the largest number of citizens.

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Make the choice of an effective dialogue with citizens with the call for proposals

The call for proposals is a consultation that allows citizens to be polled on an issue defined by the community. It can also be used as a suggestion box for the community.

Each citizen can submit proposals that can be commented on and supported by other citizens.

The call for proposals can be used:

  • for the collection and processing of proposals
  • only for the collection of proposals: the proposals are then processed and analyzed outside the platform
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An interactive platform to promote citizen engagement

Submit a proposal

Submit a proposal

Each citizen can submit proposals on the consultation page thanks to different elements at his disposal: text, image, geolocation etc...

Vote for a proposal

Vote for a proposal

Each citizen can express his support or not to a proposal (the same user can not vote twice for the same proposal).

Comment on a proposal

Comment on a proposal

Each citizen can enrich the proposals of other citizens to take advantage of the collective intelligence.

Share a proposal

Share a proposal

Users are invited at various places of the platform to share proposals on social networks (Facebook and Twitter in particular) or by email.

An intuitive platform for administrators

  • Creating a call for proposals

    The administrator can create a call for proposals directly from the content management interface: title, issue, description, theme, video, location, attachments...

  • Management and follow-up of proposals

    The administrator can easily manage the proposals submitted in the framework of the call for proposals, with filtering, export and multi-selection possibilities.

  • Analysis of proposals

    The administrator can ask for clarifications to the citizen and exchange with him. The admins can change the status of the proposal to indicate to the citizens where it is in its life cycle. The citizens who were at the origin of the proposals receive a notification when they change their status (e.g.: "Winner").

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White Paper

Guide to citizen consultation for communities

You think that participatory democracy could be useful in your community? But you lack advice to get started… This guide could inspire you!

The call for proposals to serve citizens and communities

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