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Public Entities

You want to consult citizens on a subject of public interest ?

Fluicity supports public actors of all sizes (municipalities, inter-municipalities, regions, departments, ministries, national agencies...) internationally, in all their participative democracy projects.

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Reconciling citizens with politics

Citizens expectations in terms of participation are high and constantly increasing. Whether it is within the framework of an environmental consultation, a structuring development or a new public policy, it is now essential and strategic to involve citizens in the decision-making process.

Participative democracy is not an exact science. Our role as civic tech is to equip and accompany public actors in this new adventure.

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Implementing successful participation tools

Fluicity is committed to all public actors: municipalities, inter-municipalities, regions, departments, ministries, national agencies...

Our online platform offers a simple and clear approach to the various citizen consultation mechanisms: surveys, polls, participatory budgets, etc. Everything is designed for a smooth experience, both for participants and administrators. Data reports allow you to follow the evolution of your projects and to draw a concrete analysis.

A doubt, a difficulty? Our experts in digital participation will accompany you throughout your citizen consultation. Configuration and customization of the platform, help with organization and project management, communication advice, moderation, examples of local consultations to inspire you... and much more.

Over 100 cities & regions are connected to Fluicity!


The Fluicity team brought us a real field expertise and a real methodology to carry out this new consultation in Wallonia. Fluicity's ability to adapt to the Government's needs and the quality of their platform were key to the success of the operation.

Axel Comhaire PwC | Director Public Sector
Axel Comhaire

PwC | Director Public Sector

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Case Study

How to mobilize 10% of citizens for a first Participatory Budget?

On April 9, 2020, the municipality of Bertrix (8,000 inhabitants) made the bold choice to launch its first participatory budget on Fluicity in full confinement. Bet held with success!

In only 3 months, 10% of the population (from 18 to 88 years old!) mobilized on the Fluicity platform and an inclusive project was born. Pedagogy, support, flexibility: a look at the keys to this success!

Case study

How to choose a project that (really) meets citizens' expectations?

In order to revitalize its city center, the city of Thionville (40 000 inhabitants) wanted to propose a project that would win over the inhabitants. Thanks to Fluicity, the city could easily set up a citizen consultation and submit its proposal to the population's vote in the form of a survey.

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Choose an efficient dialogue with your citizens

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