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Focus - Participatory Budget

The turnkey participatory budget platform

The Fluicity platform allows you to easily collect and analyze proposals made by citizens on a chosen theme. Benefit from our support and the Call for Proposals feature to engage the largest number of citizens.

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The participatory budget platform that looks like you

  • A participative platform with your charter - The Fluicity platform allows you to personalize the space with your logo and colors, allowing citizens to identify you easily.

  • Provide a clear framework for your participatory budget - Present your participatory budget on a page dedicated to the consultation to highlight the objectives, dates and terms of the consultation.

  • A consultation in four phases - Give a clear vision of the different phases of the consultation (from the launch to the restitution), with a textual element allowing to understand what is expected.

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A participatory budget intuitive and easy for citizens

Submission of ideas

Submission of ideas

In the consultative mode, proposals are made by citizens. They can propose, comment and filter the ideas on the platform.

Analysis of proposals

Analysis of proposals

During this phase, the community analyzes all the submitted proposals and selects a certain number of them while determining their realization cost.

Voting phase

Voting phase

Citizens can vote for the selected proposals within the limits of the amount allocated to the participatory budget.

Results and implementation

Results and implementation

The winning proposals are posted and communicated to citizens. They can then follow the progress of the projects ("laureate", "in progress", "implemented").

A participatory budget thought for administrators

  • Creating a Participatory Budget

    The administrator can create a participatory budget directly from the content management interface: title, issue, budget, description, theme, video location, etc.

  • Management and follow-up of proposals

    The administrator can easily manage the proposals submitted in the framework of the participatory budget, with possibilities of filtering, export in CSV, multi-selection…

  • Analysis of proposals

    The administrator can ask for details to the citizen and exchange with him. He/she informs the estimated cost of the proposals and indicates their status. Proposal not retained: the citizen is informed and a justification is presented. Proposal accepted: the status is modified and the citizen is informed. The idea will then be available for voting.

  • Voting feedback and announcement of winners

    Citizens are informed by email of the announcement of the winners. The administrators can also write an article on the platform to conclude the consultation.

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White Paper

Participatory budget: A Guide to Taking Action

Based on its expertise and feedback from its clients, Fluicity has identified the main points of tension in the organization of a participatory budget and proposed concrete solutions in 6 key areas.

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