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[Infographic] The first participatory budget of Bertrix starts strong!

  • Thursday, June 4, 2020

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    On April 16, 2020, the commune of Bertrix launched its first participatory budget. The crisis of the Covid-19 has not had reason to justify the ambition of the city to involve more its inhabitants and work together for the general interest.

    The theme of this first participatory budget leaves plenty of room for the imagination of citizens: "Building the future of Bertrix".

    "It's time to take the time to imagine your ideal commune and to set up innovative and original projects for a Bertrix closer to your desires**" proposes the commune on its Fluicity space.

    A successful first step

    In one month, 45 project ideas were born on the platform, during the first step of the participative budget: the call for ideas. A great participation for this Belgian municipality of 8,000, where 3.5% of the population over 18 years old immediately registered on Fluicity!

    To understand and be inspired, let's look back at the key elements that made this first step a success.

    Infographic representing the key figures of the first step of the ^remeir participative budget of Bertrix].(visuel-bertrix-2-1030x1030.png)

    After the feasibility study of the projects, the municipality will move on to the voting phase, during which the residents are invited to choose their favorite project.

    Do you want to implement a participatory budget in your community? Fluicity can help you every step of the way, from design to implementation. Contact us !