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  • Wednesday, May 5, 2021

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    Our "affiliated spaces" feature was designed to meet the consultation challenges of local authorities, cities, EPCIs, etc. This unique Fluicity creation allows you to organize your consultation platform into several participative spaces, and to mobilize citizens on both immediate, concrete issues, and long-term projects.

    A simple and efficient evolution, which also has many other advantages (better quality of contributions, distribution of the animation work...). Let's take a closer look.

    1. Reconcile the different scales of the territory on a single platform
    2. Target your consultations and boost citizen engagement
    3. Manage your functionality with ease: create, customize, delegate

    Reconcile the different scales of the territory on a single platform

    At Fluicity, we work daily on improving our digital platform so that it best meets your consultation needs and the desired impact.

    Our new feature allows you to structure your online platform according to the different scales of appropriation of your territory (the district, the municipality, the metropolis...). In short, according to the reality on the ground! This structuring is organized as follows:

    1. a main consultation area** **a main consultation area **a main consultation area **a main consultation area

    As its name indicates, it corresponds to the "main" or "sponsor" entity that subscribes to the participatory platform: a municipality, a city, a region...

    All its consultations, news and events can be found there.

    1. Affiliated" spaces (or sub-spaces) attached to the main space.

    These sub-spaces correspond to the different subdivisions that make up your "main" territory: the districts of a municipality, the municipalities of an inter-municipality or a metropolis, etc. There too, you will find consultations, news and events specific to each of these areas (we will come back to this later).

    Discover how this structuring is presented and the fluidity of the navigation, with the commune of Guisheim and its subspaces by district:

    All you have to do is to invite the citizens to join the main space and/or the sub-spaces that concern them directly!

    Target your consultations and facilitate the involvement of citizens

    The first advantage is to be able to organize targeted consultations, specific to the issues and needs of each life scale. Thanks to these contextualized spaces, different consultations can take place at the same time, without "vamping" each other.

    We could thus imagine the following consultation scenarios:

    • for a municipality and its neighborhoods :

    Example of use of the "esapecs affiliates" functionality on the Fluicity citizen consultation platform

    • for a community of communes, and the communes which compose it :

    Example of use of the functionality "esapecs affiliés" on the platform of citizen consultation Fluicity](visual-3.png)

    Example on the Fluicity platform: The city of Guisheim launches its first participative budget to the whole population, on its main space. At the same time, the Elsau district's subspace is launching a call for proposals only to its residents to improve the infrastructure. No need to solicit the whole city for this!

    Example of use of the "esapecs affiliates" feature on the citizen consultation platform Fluicity](visual-4-1.png)

    This organization by spaces allows a more targeted and efficient mobilization !


    In the framework of its Territorial Quality Plan, the Economic Office of the Province of Namur (BEP) was able to launch 5 very precise consultations in the municipality of Profondeville (subspace), on issues specific to this municipality: parking, layout, atmosphere etc.

    This targeting allowed citizens to inform themselves about the Territorial Quality Plan in a playful way and to express themselves on specific elements of the plan which, taken as a whole, would have been much more complex to understand.

    Example: one of the consultations, on "parking in the center of Profondeville", included:

    • information on the actions already foreseen in the Territorial Quality Plan,
    • an inventory of the parking problems in question,
    • a call for citizen proposals.

    **→ In 2 months, 33 very qualitative proposals and 80 comments were posted on the 5 consultations, with very little communication deployed. Concrete and useful information for decision-makers **.

    Capitalize on this commitment at the territorial level

    The sub-spaces are therefore powerful levers for citizen engagement and information. Grouped together on a unique platform, they constitute a precious base of active participants in the territory, who can be mobilized at any time for structural consultations (Climate Plan, mobility, PLU, public inquiries, elections, etc.).

    The local scale is also ideal to spark the curiosity of citizens and make them want to get involved on a larger scale.


    This pull effect has been observed between the municipality of Thionville and its agglomeration Portes de France - Thionville. In June 2020, after the first confinement, the municipality of Thionville organized a survey "For or against the progressive reopening of schools" on the Fluicity platform. A successful consultation which counted more than 1 600 votes.

    A virtuous consequence: the participative space of the agglomeration Portes de France -Thionville (80 000 registered) counted a peak of 300 additional registrations that same month, when a classic consultation organized by the agglomeration usually generates about one hundred.

    On the platform side, the navigation has also been designed to facilitate the discovery of the main space at any time and to encourage this "curiosity".

    Screenshot of a part of the "affiliated spaces" functionality on the Fluicity citizen consultation platform](visuel-5.png)

    That's not all! The "affiliated spaces" functionality is also the possibility to have a 360 view on the territory's data and to make ambassadors emerge internally. The visit continues...

    Manage your spaces with ease: create, customize, delegate!


    You can create as many affiliated spaces as you need. With this system, intermunicipalities or regions can play the role of sponsor to the communes that make up their region and allow them to benefit from a dedicated participation space - as the Bureau Économique de la province de Namur (BEP) mentioned above has done.


    Just like the main space, each sub-space can have its own visual identity. There are many elements of personalization:

    How to customize your affiliate space? A part of the presentation of the "affiliated spaces" functionality on the Fluicity citizen consultation platform

    Good to know : The communications by mails and the notifications sent to the citizens via the platform are also personalized according to this visual identity (name + logo).

    Keep the control and/or delegate the animation

    As the administrator of the "sponsor" space, you also have all the rights to manage the affiliated spaces: content management, export of ideas, consultation of participation data, etc.

    Ideal for obtaining information specific to each territorial level and/or comparing it to that of the main space and the other sub-spaces.

    Screenshot of a part of the "affiliated spaces" functionality on the Fluicity citizen consultation platform](visuel-7-copy-1.png)

    You can also choose to assign these administration rights to other people, who will then be able to animate the participation: organize consultations, write news, answer to citizens, etc. This is a great asset for sharing the work and leaving room internally for other interlocutors or ambassadors. For example: neighborhood representatives, the communication or local democracy department of each municipality, etc.

    Good to know: Are you afraid of not being able to configure your spaces properly? Fluicity's customer team will do it for you! All you have to do is provide us with the necessary information and customization elements (logo, tagline, administrators' names, etc.).

    You now know more about the advantages of our affiliate space functionality! Would you like to receive a personalized quote or see the platform in action? Don't hesitate to contact us.