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[Publication] Participatory Budgeting: Instructions for use

  • Thursday, October 15, 2020

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    At Fluicity, we want to enable all communities - small, large, rural, urban, departments, regions - to organize a participatory budget.

    We are proud to present our white paper "Participatory Budgeting: Instructions for use". A guide to help communities take action with confidence:

    Cover of the white paper Participatory budget instructions for use - The guide to take action

    • analysis of the key issues,
    • figures, examples of projects, testimonies of elected officials and experts
    • 6 keys to success**,
    • the presentation of our new "participatory budget " feature designed to make life easier for organizers.

    The book is intended for elected officials and departments who want to implement a participatory budget, and takes into account the human, budgetary and organizational constraints they face.

    Download the white paper

    Helping communities at every stage

    From the launch of the project to the restitution of the results, including the voting phase: Fluicity shares all the essential information to understand and succeed in the process.

    It is accompanied by numerous testimonials (agents, experts in participation and data analysis, elected officials, etc.) as well as advice and best practices from Fluicity's client team.

    Extract from the white paper "Participatory budget, instructions for use"](Capture-d_e_cran-2020-10-09-a_-10.03.50-1030x706.png)

    excerpt from the white paper: key 1, the framing

    Extract from the white paper "Participatory Budget, instructions for use"](Capture-d_e_cran-2020-10-09-a_-10.09.25-1030x581.png)

    A simple and inclusive participatory budget platform

    To help communities, we have designed a new feature entirely dedicated to the participatory budget on our online platform Fluicity.

    Discover all the modules to configure your participatory budget, manage your project in a collaborative way, follow your ideas... and much more!

    Extract from our white paper on the participatory budget](Capture-d_e_cran-2020-10-14-a_-15.20.38-1030x984.png)

    Interface for monitoring a citizen's idea on the platform (stages, activity, contacts, etc.)

    Download the white paper