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[Publication] Participatory democracy decoded

  • Friday, January 15, 2021

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    For several years, the need for a more participatory democracy has been felt in order to face the complexity of the crises and to imagine a common future.

    Where do we stand? What are the priority projects? How can we build this new chapter of democracy?

    6 experts (Jo Spiegel, Camille Morio, Clément Mabi, David Carmier, Arnaud de Champsavin, Sebastien Prévot) answered our questions to decrypt the situation and offer their insights.

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    We deliver these interviews to you with the same goal that pushed us to realize them: listen, understand, and imagine together new ways.


    Photo of Jo Spiegel, pioneer of participatory democracy

    “We have spent the last 30 years seeing the divorce between democracy and politics. We need to give democratic meaning back to politics.

    Jo Spiegel

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    "We don't know how to communicate well between citizens and institutions: to express our ideas, to receive those of others, or simply to recognize them."

    Camille Morio

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    "Democracy is at the heart of a crisis of legitimacy and a crisis of efficiency."

    Clément Mabi

    Find the complete interviews of :

    • Jo Spiegel, pioneer of participative democracy
    • Clément Mabi, teacher-researcher at the UTC of Compiègne
    • Camille Morio, teacher-researcher in public law at Science Po Saint-Germain-en-Laye
    • David Carmier, advisor to the Minister of Overseas France, Sébastien Lecornu
    • Arnaud de Champsavin, referent for citizen consultation, DINUM /Etalab & DITP
    • Sébastien Prévot, Cabinet Director at Saran

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