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Product update 2023

  • Wednesday, January 4, 2023

  • The Fluicity team has a lot of surprises to help public actors create stronger links with the citizens of their territory! During the end of 2022, we worked hard to develop an even more efficient platform. In 2023, we are going further by adding artificial intelligence to facilitate the processing of consultations, by creating new roles and by developing new voting modalities. Stay tuned 📻

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    More integration between physical and digital devices:

    • Import paper files (proposals or votes) collected during physical meetings;
    • Generate a QR code on the platform's content pages to connect citizens more easily via physical campaigns;

    QR codes available for each page

    Better knowledge and more precise targeting of populations:

    • Add new fields to the registration forms such as neighbourhood, occupation or gender;
    • Secure consultations by targeting users according to certain segments or by checking their identity document.

    More effective analysis of your consultation results:

    • Compare the platform demographic data with those of your territory;
    • Monitor traffic on your pages on your dashboard to check the impact of communication campaigns; 
    • Accelerate the understanding of citizens' contributions thanks to an artificial intelligence engine that automatically summarises the proposals.

    An ever more accessible and modular platform

    • Check the level of accessibility when customising it;
    • Possibility of writing content in several languages;
    • Choose the default display of contributions (list, map or carousel)

    OUR PLANS FOR 2023

    • More artificial intelligence to make it easier for you to process contributions and analyse the results of your consultations;
    • New management roles allowing the delegation of administration to other stakeholders;
    • New voting and participation tools to meet a greater number of use cases;
    • Greater modularity of your space, both in terms of the home pages and the consultation pages;
    • Send newsletters to groups of users;
    • And many other surprises 😉

    2023 is the year of all possibilities! How about seizing this opportunity to involve citizens in the life of your territory? Take advantage of the tools and innovations proposed by the Fluicity team to create more effective and inclusive spaces for dialogue and consultation. Feel free to contact our experts in citizen participation for more details !