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Fluicity raises €2 million to make collective intelligence speak in Europe

  • Wednesday, February 5, 2020

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    The year 2020 promises to be full of challenges and opportunities. Our recent fundraising with French and Belgian partners - including Sébastien Breteau, Edouard Janssen and the Brussels-based public holding company finance& - confirms the strength of our mission: restoring trust between citizens and their representatives, through dialogue and collective intelligence.

    This investment allows us to start our expansion in Europe, starting with Brussels, the European capital where Fluicity intends to make its voice heard.

    Illustration of Fluicity's fundraising to make collective intelligence speak in Europe

    Establishing a presence in Europe and getting closer to European institutions

    Our teams were already present in Brussels; we are now opening a subsidiary there. This establishment allows us to consolidate our presence in Belgium and to start our deployment on the European scene.

    Through its unique positioning, which combines the network effect and the role of a trusted third party, Fluicity has the means to become the leading citizen participation platform in Europe.

    Julie de Pimodan CEO of Fluicity

    It is also in the heart of the European capital that we are taking over the presidency of the Association Civic Tech Europe (ACTE) this year. This gathering of civic tech is leading a deep reflection on the issues of the sector, and tends to become its main interlocutor with the European institutions. A way for us to show collective intelligence between civic tech!

    Collective intelligence at the service of social and environmental causes

    In a Europe facing social, economic and environmental challenges, it is more and more complex for representatives (political decision-makers or business leaders) to govern alone. Fluicity continues its transversal consultations on the key issues of our society. [The "Mairie ouverte" (Open City Hall) operation, in partnership with the Association des Maires Ruraux de France (, allowed for the digital collection and analysis of tens of thousands of citizens' concerns throughout France (submitted to the French President before the launch of the Grand Débat National). Since December, it is on the environmental cause that we put collective intelligence to work with our platform Vos Idées Vertes.

    We are proud to be supported once again in the realization of our mission and to write together the next chapter of Fluicity.