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#GetUpWallonia: Fluicity accompanies Wallonia in its citizen consultation

  • Monday, November 16, 2020

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    This is a first on a territorial scale. The Walloon government is launching a vast citizen consultation with its inhabitants to "build together the Wallonia of the future Covid-19. " Fluicity is proud to be the civic tech chosen to accompany the region in this large participative process.

    A democratic meeting outside of the elections**.

    Launched on November 16, the consultation is taking place on a dedicated online platform, and in the form of a paper questionnaire for those who do not have access to it. Residents have until December 21 to participate.

    "The citizens are the first ones concerned by the future of Wallonia", reminded the Minister-President Elio Di Rupo, actively involved in the process, during the launching press conference.

    The only civic tech among the consortium chosen by the Walloon region, Fluicity is proud to contribute to the building.

    Photo by Nicolas de Briey, Co-founder of the civic tech Fluicity](Capture-d_e_cran-2020-07-06-a_-15.23.25.png)

    This initiative of Wallonia is exceptional in more than one way: it is the first time that a government consults all its citizens for a stimulus plan on a territorial scale. And with a real budgetary impact. After France, Belgium is at the forefront of democratic renewal. Nicolas de Briey, co-founder of Fluicity

    The Walloon government has appointed a consortium around PWC, including BDO, Ecores, Fluicity, Möbius and Opinionway, to accompany the process.

    A consultation by themes to guide citizens***.

    Advised by Fluicity, the region has set up a consultation by themes to facilitate the proposal of ideas: employment, solidarity, environment, economy, etc.

    Residents are invited to submit their proposals, but also to enrich and comment on those of their fellow citizens. This co-construction approach encourages dialogue and the emergence of quality proposals, resulting from collective intelligence.

    It is also possible to make free proposals, outside the themes. "The idea is to frame but not to close", explains Elio Di Rupo.

    Get Up Wallonia citizen participation platform

    At the end of the consultation, the proposals will be analyzed by the OpinionWay institute, specialized in the treatment of large masses of data, and which had already officiated for the French Grand Débat.

    "The analysis will be twofold: first, the prioritization of themes and citizen proposals, then the analysis of points of convergence and divergence" explains Nicolas de Briey.

    Set up Wallonia: an initiative that brings together all the actors of the territory

    This citizen consultation is part of the Get Up Wallonia initiative, launched last April by the Walloon region. This project aims to respond to the consequences of the Covid-19 crisis and collectively address the social, economic and environmental issues of the territory.

    Three working groups have been set up, in addition to the consultation, around specific issues: Economy and territory, Employment, social and health, Environment. Each group is made up of local players, social partners and institutional players.

    The concrete recommendations of these working groups and the results of the consultation will feed into the Strategic Council's thinking, leading to a coherent recovery plan that is backed by the public.

    "With Get up Wallonia, the Government intends to create a participative, innovative, global and coherent dynamic to build the future of Wallonia," says Elio Di Rupo.

    Wallonia takes the turn of participatory democracy!

    To participate, it's here :

    Launch banner of the Get Up Wallonia citizen participation platform