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#FluiciTeam: Discover the portrait of Guillaume, Sales Manager

  • Thursday, March 25, 2021

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    At Fluicity, there is no such thing as a typical profile! We all come from various backgrounds (journalism, finance, globetrotting...), bringing with us our experiences, our personalities and our convictions.

    Who are we? What path led us to Fluicity? Go behind the scenes and discover each month the portrait of a member of the FluiciTeam. Today, it's Guillaume, Sales Manager, who tells us (almost) everything...

    Who I am, where I come from (and this is what I look like!)

    I'm Guillaume, I'm 37 years old and I come from Strasbourg.

    How I got to Fluicity

    Vast question! Let's just say that after multiple experiences in France and abroad in various fields (from chocolate to emails), I wanted to change my field.

    At the same time, thanks to my readings, meetings, exchanges, my personal awareness has been awakened since I was 20 years old around themes that touch me such as the situation of the handicap in France (have a look at "l'Ambassade des Curieux"), ecology and democracy...

    In short, in this period of upheaval, I felt like working on one of my favorite themes, democracy being the first step towards a deeper change, I naturally turned to this subject and I discovered Fluicity.

    In this period of upheaval, I wanted to work for a domain that particularly touches me.

    What makes me happy outside of work, my hobbies, my interests, what makes me a "special" person

    Cooking, good food, unexpected encounters, discussions that go on forever, photography/video, long runs...

    What makes me a "special" person: Pie? Of cake?... Nothing special, except for a great sense of humor!

    Fluicity, for me it's...

    A way to combine business with pleasure. The perfect definition of work that makes sense, isn't it?

    The way I like to work, my "mode d'emploi

    I need to plan things and have a square vision.

    I'm more into working late than early in the morning!

    And if someone has to tell me something, there's no need to be picky (being kind means being honest enough to tell me what you think, without a filter).

    The extra thing I dare to tell you...

    I try to travel regularly by hitchhiking (see above, the need for unexpected encounters!)

    To be benevolent is to have the honesty to tell me what you think, without filter.

    You want to know more about Guillaume's background? Check out his Linkedin profile and join us on Instagram to follow the #FluiciTeam!