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EFALIA Acquires Civictech Pioneer Fluicity, Bolstering International Presence in e-Governance

  • Tuesday, September 12, 2023

  • EFALIA, the publisher of a modular content management software suite that includes a user relationship management solution dedicated to public performance, announces the acquisition of Fluicity, which itself is a publisher of a SaaS platform for citizen consultation and a recognized actor in the Civictech ecosystem. This development underscores EFALIA's ambition to strengthen its presence in the public sector, including internationally.

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    Fluicity counts among its clients a hundred public actors, many of which are based outside national borders, such as the Brussels Region, the Walloon Region, the Ministry of Water in Morocco, and the City of Cape Town in South Africa. As for EFALIA, it achieves 50% of its turnover in the public sector in France, with over 80 departmental councils and about fifty municipalities to its credit.

    With this acquisition, EFALIA continues its external growth strategy and expands its international presence, especially in Belgium where Fluicity is based (Brussels).

    "Fluicity's online platform is a natural complement to our user relationship management solution for our institutional clients. At a time when governments and public organizations must reinvent themselves to offer their constituents innovative tools for democratic participation, this new addition provides real added value to our e-Gov offering,"

    declares Pascal Charrier, CEO of EFALIA.

    "Moreover, Fluicity's ability to convince a large community for export fits perfectly with our international growth strategy."

    Let's recall that EFALIA, which currently has over 2,500 clients worldwide with a turnover of 18M €, has acquired 7 companies over the past six years.

    "EFALIA will enable us to strengthen our development capabilities, including internationally. We are very motivated to join such a robust, socially committed structure that's already active in e-governance,"

    concludes Julie de Pimodan, Co-founder and CEO of Fluicity.

    About Fluicity

    Fluicity is a SaaS software for engagement, collective intelligence, and decision support. Its white-label platform has enabled the deployment of more than 2,000 citizen consultations in about a hundred local authorities in France and around the world. Active since 2015, Fluicity has raised around 3M EUR from public and private investors in France and Belgium. The startup has won numerous awards in innovation competitions (e.g., MIT Award, BPI Innovation Contest) and quickly positioned itself as one of the pioneering structures of Civic tech in Europe, notably allowing the creation of the Association of European Civic Tech (ACTE-Europe). Certified as a Social Enterprise of Social Utility (ESUS) since 2019, this committed startup has set itself the mission of promoting more open and sustainable decision-making modes in 21st-century organizations.

    About EFALIA

    EFALIA is a French publisher, expert in document and process dematerialization, simplifying the administrative management of over 2,500 clients and 150,000 users daily. The EFALIA software suite covers the entire spectrum of dematerialization: source dematerialization (GRU/GRC), information flow capture, document and content management (ECM), interactive document composition (CCM), business process management (BPM), electronic signature, and certified digital safe. It thus addresses all the digitalization issues of SMEs, ETIs, and public organizations.

    To provide the best for its clients, EFALIA invests more than 25% of its turnover in R&D each year. It also has a robust financial structure and a partner investor, BNP Paribas Development, to support its growth, including internationally.