Would you like to consult citizens on your business projects?

Fluicity supports private organisations (associations, real estate developers, companies, etc.) in carrying out their citizen consultation projects and in the co-construction of their CSR strategy.

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Towards shared governance

Collective intelligence is at the heart of a new vision of organisations, based on trust and co-construction between stakeholders: employees, partners, decision-makers, citizens…

Looking to develop your human resources and have them contribute to strategic decisions? Need to bring together several areas of expertise around a project? Want an exchange of views with users on a real estate project? Fluicity offers you its tools and know-how as a specialist in participatory approaches.

By investing in collective intelligence, you join a new generation of responsible organisations awake to new performance levers.

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Tools to facilitate collaboration

Our online platform offers various participation solutions to disseminate key information, generate ideas, facilitate discussions and lead to concrete solutions. Fluicity also helps you to enhance the data collected, thanks to reporting tables and personalised trend analyses.

A doubt, a problem? Our digital participation experts support you throughout the process. Configuration of the platform, community animation, communication advice, moderation… and much more.

"Collective intelligence creates innovation, attractiveness and confidence. It doesn't just support the future of organisations: it invents it. "

Julie de Pimodan – CEO Fluicity

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Succeeding in consultation on real estate projects

During the call for innovative “reinventing Paris” projects, the City of Paris wanted the participation of local residents to be taken into account.

This is what BNP Paribas Immobilier offers with the winning project “The Multilayer City”, which included Fluicity and its “participatory project” feature allowing developers to interact with users.

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Develop your collective intelligence!

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