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What's in this ebook?

Based on its expertise and client feedback, Fluicity has identified the main points of tension in the organisation of a participatory budget and has proposed concrete solutions in 6 key areas:

  • Framework: What will this budget bring to the city? How can everybody be brought into alignment?

  • Project management and monitoring: How to avoid creating additional work? Do the services have the necessary resources?

  • Education: Is the participatory budget framework clear enough to citizens? Will they be able to get to grips with the plan?

  • Communication and dialogue: How to mobilise a wide public? Will the ideas be a reflection of the group?

  • Transparency of the decision-making process: Should all matters be communicated? Am I still the primary decision-maker?

  • The results: What does this project bring me in the long term? How to engage citizens in the long term?

Who is this guide aimed at?

This guide is intended for local authorities wishing to set up a participatory budget calmly, whilst taking into account their human, budgetary and organisational constraints.


We were very apprehensive but Fluicity gave us invaluable guidance on how to frame the participatory budget, with examples, scoping documents etc.. We didn’t have any major problems.

Tania Fyalkowski, Project Manager for Ciney city council

Free Ebook

The Ultimate Guide to Participatory Budgeting