Code of Ethics

Fluicity Code of Ethics


Fluicity is a non-partisan organisation. Although we have a genuinely political dimension – we work with elected representatives and members of civil society on a daily basis – we are not affiliated with any party. We are a neutral player and consider that every idea is worth raising in a democratic debate.


We are obliged to ensure the smooth operation of our tool so as to avoid hindering the smooth running of discussion. We are committed to resolving technical problems as quickly as possible, to preventing any malicious manipulation of our Platform, and to protecting our users’ data.


Since 2019, our ESUS approval has bound us to the following commitments: to pursue social utility as a primary objective to demonstrate that the search for social utility has an impact on the balance sheet or on the profitability of the company; to operate a fair remuneration policy that satisfies two conditions: the average sums paid, including bonuses, to the 5 best-paid employees or executives must not exceed an annual ceiling set at 7 times the minimum wage and the remuneration paid to the best-paid employee must not exceed an annual ceiling set at 10 times the minimum wage; the company’s equity securities must not be traded on a financial market. We guarantee our users the honest management of the platform, in accordance with its intended purpose: to re-establish the trust among citizens by mobilising their collective intelligence, and to reinvent the decision-making processes of 21st century organisations.  

Citizen’s Code of Ethics

In order to ensure a constructive and considerate debate, we ask all our users to commit to the ethical principles set out below.


On Fluicity, everyone can express themselves by suggesting an idea, reporting a problem, or simply stating their opinion. We call on citizens to respect what is said on the Platform. Tolerance alone enables the exchange of ideas. Therefore, we encourage our users to adopt a considerate and non-accusatory tone, with a view to contributing to the common good.


We ask that our users speak honestly, which will enable the organisation to do its work as effectively as possible, and which will ensure peaceful dialogue between the various platform stakeholders.


Each citizen is responsible for what he or she says on the Platform, and the entire community is committed to making these tools a genuine space for dialogue and cooperation. Citizens are expected to adopt a constructive approach, in particular by proposing specific and useful ideas, that are in the collective interest. Ideas must be sufficiently detailed so as to be feasible for the players within the respective territory.

Organisational Code of Ethics

In order to ensure a constructive and caring debate, we ask that organisations to commit to the ethical principles set out below.


The organisation undertakes to treat all contributions in the same way and with the same importance, regardless of who the contributors are.


The organisation must be transparent with regard to the expected impact and the processing of contributions. Justification is required in order to moderate the comments collected on the platform.


The platform aims to foster trust between stakeholders and to build collective intelligence within 21st century organisations. With this in mind, the organisation shall refrain from any action which, without seeking to promote the collective interest, is aimed at attracting personal sympathy or gaining support. Under no circumstances will Fluicity tolerate biased use of the platform.

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