Analyse your consultations through reliable data

The Fluicity Data Science service offering can help you plan and analyse data from your citizen consultations. Get accurate and workable participation reports for better decision making.
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Our Data Science Service

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Data preparation

Essential phase in any Data Science project to ensure the smooth running of the project.

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Static and semantic analysis

Vectorisation of texts This step makes it possible to link the texts of the contributions with categories and to identify the words describing these themes, then to visualise the groupings made

Analyse textes par IA

Synthetic understanding by AI

Sentiment analysis of the proposals and recovery of the keywords. Grouping of texts by keyword or related text.

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Transmission of methods

Presentation and visualisations of the artificial intelligence methods used and the results

Adjust your decisions based on clear indicators

Understanding citizen needs

This makes it possible to identify the subjects that are important to citizens and to spot weak signals by grouping the proposals by theme

Sentiment Analysis

The words and the tone used contribute to the good understanding of citizens’ proposals

Behavioural analyses

Cross-sectional analysis by gender, occupation, location and other available data to better understand intra-population differences

Transparency and education

Analysis and synthesis work with a clear visualisation of the data enables better understanding by citizens

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Data Science in a consultation project


– Listening to customer expectations, proposing analyses, presenting options

– Collection analysis and reporting needs

– Setting up analyses and defining deliverables



– Data analysis using the Data Science techniques described above

– Writing an analytical report

– Creation of computer graphics

– Help in writing the summary

Choose to have an effective dialogue with your citizens

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