Participation is an essential step in the decision-making processes of tomorrow.

Our mission is to create trust and buy-in through open and collaborative consultation processes: pedagogy and information prior to the consultation, methods of restitution after it, and overall to better involve participants in decision-making.

Fluicity citizen engagement

Our Mission

In our complex and ever-changing world, making decisions alone or in a small committee is no longer an option. It’s time to tap into an endlessly rich resource: people.

Across the world, millions of people are rallying to have their voices heard. Often with the frustrating feeling of not being listened to or taken into account. Only organisations capable of involving citizens in decisions will be able to meet the challenges of our complex world.

Our mission is to support decision-makers towards this shared governance: its challenges, its methods and its tools.

Explain the new governance issues

to understand the posture and intentions necessary to guide a collective


Transmit the methodology

to promote this collective reflection, transform decision-making methods and create an impact

Provide inclusive and secure tools

to organise and manage the consultations needed for all to progress

A major player recognised in the Civictech ecosystem

Since its launch, Fluicity has won numerous prestigious prizes, including the MIT Award for the 10 best French innovations in 2015, the TEDxParis award and the Digital innovation competition awarded by the BPI.

In 2018, Fluicity was ranked among the best French GovTechs at the European summit organised by In 2019, it was ranked as one of the 100 start-ups in which to invest, according to Challenges magazine, and obtained its ESUS certification (social utility company).

Fluicity Civictech

Our values

What makes us want to take up the challenge every day?

The answer is in our values. They define our identity, guide our ways of working and our strategic choices

listening value
dynamism value
confidence value
progress value
Fluicity team

Our Team

At Fluicity, there is no typical profile! We come from various backgrounds: music industry, journalism, AdTech, finance, globetrotter…

We bring with us the experience of major accounts (Google, Meetic, Deezer, Webedia), firms and agencies (OCTO Technology, DDB, BETC, Onepoint).

We are proud of our diverse experiences, especially when we combine them!

Innovate through listening and dialogue!

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